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AOD PRODUCTIONS is a Colombian company that has opened the doors to the whole world, so we want to welcome you from some countries.




AOD PRODUCTIONS is a place that welcomes everyone, while making people feel supported and connected with every drop of work. Dreams start in one person, but to make a big move you need the work of a united team. Together we will take care of working hard, sharing each of our ideas using not only professional tools but also ensuring that innovative techniques will be carried out making your dream as unique as you. Fall in love with us and in the process let us fall in love with you and your project.

What sets us apart?


AOD's mission is to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients who want to publicize their projects, high quality products, systematize experiences and other related with digital tools for communication.

Our Values

- Excellence.
- Honesty.
- Efficiency.
- Professionalism.
- Temperance.


We see ourselves in 2023 as a consolidated marketing company, recognized for our technical and human quality that guarantees the satisfaction and expectations of our clients, therefore we specialize in digital marketing, audiovisual production, consulting for SMEs and advice to artists.


Laura Gómez


Founder and director of AOD, specialist in digital marketing, advertising, design work, focused on both digital and face-to-face work as a photographer and manager.

Esteban Cetina

Creative Director

Supervises the creative team making sure to maintain the brand strategy and coherence, both visually and in the development of the content of each campaign

Vanessa Gómez

Graphic Designer

Conceptualization and elaboration of graphic arts and visual materials to effectively communicate the information understood, sending your designs to a second level.

Jesus González


He leads and coordinates strategic planning functions, supervising the work team so that all the processes that are handled in the company have excellent results and an excellent organization.


they trusted us


'' They give that confidence of being one. The most important thing is to learn that it can be you and through photography express that originality just as we do in music. "

Working with AOD has always been and always will be a pleasure, for the love you give to projects, for the commitment and the sense of belonging to achieve dreams. Big hug to the whole team.
Microphone New
My experience with AOD was beautiful, really at the beginning I was a little nervous because long ago I was not in front of a lens, but from the first moment Laura Gómez and her team were in charge of providing a lot of security and confidence, I want to repeat that experience again. many more photos! It is a wonderful company where human quality and love for photography prevail ♥ ️.
Carolina Lozano
En AOD, Geomares ha encontrado un aliado estratégico para comunicar la imagen de la empresa. Nos encanta la creatividad de todo el equipo, que se pone a disposición para desarrollar nuestras ideas.
Geomares SAS

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