AOD Productions.

Branding, Digital Marketing and audiovisual production. 

Architects of dreams, is a company that opens its doors to dreamers, because we know that dreams matter and we know the way to fulfill them.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best tools for growth today, which seeks to create high impact through commercial strategies.

What is our plus? We work with high-quality teams and offer MODERN digital services of interest to different audiences, we know that all companies / artists / entrepreneurs are different, that’s why we design custom, each commercial strategy projected in infomercials and the best photographic quality.

We manage your social networks

AOD PRODUCTIONS knows that the future is digital, that is why we find it vitally important to have a presence on social networks, thus generating the desired public traffic and the correct recognition of your brand on each of the virtual platforms. 


Administrative Accompaniment

The time is now, yes! Now.

Risk to succeed! Because everything you dream can come true, as long as you don’t stop working for it. Yes, we are the right ones to help you in all that process.


Corporate identity

We take care of identifying and reflecting your essence in the brand, gathering each visual parameter in an organized and simple way.

Brand Applications

We work under innovation and creativity and we also leave that reflected in the application of the brand, which can be detected in stationery, clothing, magazines, vehicles, the imagination has no limits, dream it! We project it.

Unlimited Proposals

Based on the development of the project and the required analyzes of your brand, we develop the necessary design proposals to thus meet the objectives.

Deliverable Files

Designs will be delivered in each required format, for the correct implementation of corporate identity and conceptualization on digital platforms.

We work with

Our clients are small and medium-sized companies in the productive sector, as are multinationals, we work with artists who decided to believe and dare.

AOD PRODUCTIONS works with dreamers, people with the courage to pursue everything they set out to do.



"Dream big, because if you can dream it, we can do it"


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